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You HAVE to make sure you are alone and glance around a lot for employees and customers, you HAVE to have that huge bag if you are a girl sometimes, or odd clothing choices to hide merchandise, etc. When I stole I couldn't help it, but a helpful hint is this: DON'T LOOK BLATANTLY OBVIOUS. ]dt7t$""O2Q1r@ :Z)fX]h8YWtmn l:UmeLOXb(DC m. Not an obviously huge, random, or expensive group either, just some common stuff. $O_2FJdgpV)@)2\ @sB&rQ" O@3Ra6RReu_bC. 9c3nYOn@rs23g`+b0LqIp_gZomcFbrr. Working loss prevention is a boring job, I hate it, and I hate being forced to catch shoplifters, because the retail stores are really stupid.

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