Company Profile

JHC Holdings is YONG's Venture Capital, Joint Venture (JV), Mezzanine Funding and Development Management arm, another added service for YONG's developer clients, land owners and local or international high net worth individual investor, for their development projects by way of JV with project marketing or pure development management services. The development funding will either come from JHC Holdings, its subsidiaries or from YONG's high net worth individuals. Even for large public companies like Delfin Lendlease, around 70% of their projects are joint ventures with land owners or fund managers in one stage.

Currently, JHC has a land banking of around 2,000 lots on around 1,800,000m² land with eventual completion value around $900 million fully owned by Peter Huang and his wife. Peter is planning to increase it to around 10,000-20,000 lots in the future through Joint Venture and Development Management while potentially making YONG a $1 billion company.

JHC is the advance of YONG's specialised Property Development Company - Paramount Property which successfully developed the Sunnybank Hills Pacific Centre Complex in 2001 where YONG's headquarters are located along with many other different businesses. The Pacific Centre, Paramount Property's maiden project, won both the QMBA Brisbane Region Award and the QLD Wide Award.

Peter Huang is the founder of YONG Real Estate and JHC Holdings. The name JHC incorporates the initials of Peter Huang's three children: Jade, Harvey and Constance. It is also the original name of the YONG traditional family business established in the early 1900's in China which cased operation after the Communist Party took over the government in 1949. Start from scratch, Peter is now reviving the family business established by his grandparents.

Ranked 32 amongst Queensland's top 400 private companies in 2011 (last ranking available in QLD by PWC), the YONG Group's strategic goals are as following:

  • YONG Real Estate
    To become the largest real estate network in the world potentially employing over 300,000 people.
  • JHC Holdings
    To become one of the largest development and development services companies in Australia.
  • YONG Foundation
    To become one of the largest charity foundations in Queensland.

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